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H.B. 5326 Assisted Suicide  -  DEFEATED
Thank you and congratulations to all who spoke out against the legalization of
Assisted Suicide in Connecticut. The bill was not raised out of committee. The testimony of many defenders of life in opposition to what is clearly a very dangerous anti-life proposition convinced the Public Health Committee that this is not good public policy.
Killing oneself is not “death with dignity,” as those who support the bill claim. Suicide is the result of despair and lack of hope. Those who are suffering from debilitating diseases deserve to, and can, have their needs met by fine agencies such as Hospice and by truly compassionate caregivers. Doctors, nurses and caregivers are not intended to be promoting death. Their mission is quite the opposite. Assisted suicide is not, and should not be, the culmination of a precious human life. 
Let us not become complacent about this victory since advocates for Assisted Suicide have vowed to bring up the issue again during the 2015 legislative session. Your help and advocacy for life will be essential. Educational forums will continue to be held in Connecticut to explain exactly what is at stake when the proposal returns.


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